Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation(Main Fund)


The Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps has been granted funding from the Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation (Main Fund) for 2023-24 to support its purchase of sports / recreational equipment under Non-Capital Works Projects.


Purchased items are for the Corps to organize HKAYP activities and outdoor trainings for youth members. Items include:

  1. 8-person Tent (3 pcs),
  2. Tarp Pole (for 8-person Tent) (4 sets),
  3. Camp Light (4 pcs),
  4. Tent Ground Sheet (for 8-person Tent) (4 pcs),
  5. 4-person Tent (7 pcs),
  6. Waterproof Camp Sheet (10 pcs),
  7. Rechargeable Lantern (10 pcs),
  8. 5 persons cookset & Kettle (6 pcs),
  9. Floor Mat (30 pcs),
  10. Gas Cooking Stove (15 pcs).